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Narrowboat Toilets



narrowboat and canal boat toilets

Toilets are an often overlooked part of your canals design, but one which can be most unpleasent if you scrimp on your purchase! The two main options for your toilet are portable or fixed with a built in storage tank, or those which empty in to a holding tank.

Portable toilets used to be reserved only for those boaters working to an extreme budget, with most people aiming for holding tank systems. Nowdays the reverse is becoming true, with portable units increasingly popular as they can be emptied cheaply and easily without requireing a full marina pump out.

Rather than explaining all the options here, which would mean an extensive list of meaningless brand names and model numbers, it is best that you check a catalogue or Chandlery service to view all the available systems. Brand names to look out for are Elsen and Thetford.

Holding tank systems have some other clear andvantages over portables though, and these are a very serious concideration for convenience (other than that pointed out above). With sizes rangeing up to 100 gallons, they do not require emptying nearly as often as the portables. Conversely, the tank takes up a large amount of room - most of the space under a double bed for example. They are also expensive - £90 for a smallish holding tank, not including the cost of installation and the toilet itself.

Again listing all the available options for holding tank toilets is not a sensible option here, so contact a boat builder or Chandlery. The "Industry Standard" toilet in this field though, has for years been the Mansfield Traveller, which is known as a "Dump Through" unit. In this case the waste simply drops through the rotating valve straight into the holding tank, which then re-seals.

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